Guidance template to support reflective exercise published

We have today published a Reflective Exercise Guidance Template to support registrants with the reflective exercise that needs to be completed before the end of the 2022-24 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) cycle.   

The reflective exercise is where registrants reflect on their personal development during the current cycle through a discussion with a peer which they must document.  It should take place towards the end of the current cycle once all or most CPD requirements have been met. The form to document details of the discussion will go live on MyCPD from July 2024.  

The Reflective Exercise Guidance Template mirrors the form that will appear on MyCPD from July. It enables registrants to have their discussion now and then simply copy their reflections to the MyCPD form from July. 

The Guidance Template outlines: 

  • what registrants will need to discuss and document on MyCPD as part of the reflective exercise. This includes a reflection of CPD activity to date, how learning outcomes have changed throughout the cycle, and any planned learning outcomes for the remainder of this and the next cycle;  
  • other information that will need to be documented on MyCPD including the date the discussion took place, where it took place, and peer details; and 
  • further advice to help registrants with all of the above.   

Registrants should be aware that the Guidance Template itself cannot be uploaded to MyCPD and that the form available from July and embedded within MyCPD must be completed and submitted.  

The reflective exercise allows registrants to gain insights about their practice to improve the way they work or the care they give to their patients, as well as to prepare in advance for the next CPD cycle. 

The reflective exercise should be completed and submitted on MyCPD by the end of this cycle, 31 December 2024.  

We will soon be releasing our CPD Exceptions Policy, which will provide clarity over what happens if a reflective exercise or personal development plan is not completed and submitted to MyCPD by the end of the cycle.  

View the Reflective Exercise Guidance Template.